Advent will be upon us in just over two weeks, and it is time to order your Advent wreath!

This post was originally going to feature just five wreaths under $20, but I found so many great wreaths for you that it ended up with twelve!  There’s really no reason to pay $40 and up for an Advent wreath with so many great options under $20.

This Advent Candleholder from Oriental Trading Company is not the classic wreath shape, but I like the nativity silhouette.  And you can’t beat the price of $12!

Another option for a small budget, is one of these pewter “personal” Advent wreathsThere are several styles available for $12.99.  Do note the smaller size of this option be sure to order appropriately sized candles.

If you like the nativity figures but prefer a wreath shape, check out this lovely Nativity Advent Wreath from Christianbook. With its detailed ceramic figures, I think this is quite a bargain for $19.99.

Autom has another Nativity Advent Wreath with a unique design for $16.99.  Unlike many of Autom’s products, this wreath can be purchased in a package of just one.

This simple but unique wreath  for $17 from Leaflet Missal uses tealights instead of tapers .

If you are looking for a more traditional Advent wreath, this is a lovely and reasonably priced option for $16.99.  There are also two other models with red ribbons.

Or try this whimsical option, the Christmas Advent Ring with Light Candles & Gingerbread Decorations for $14.95.  This would make a pretty Christmas decoration later.

For a real bargain price on a traditional style wreath, this Silk Advent Wreath from Autom is only $8.99.  The catch is, you have to buy 3 together.  However, if you have friends or family to share this order, you can’t beat the price.

Another option would be to order a very basic wreath, such as this 18″ Artificial Pine Advent Wreath  for $11.78 and add embellishments yourself if you desire.

I love the idea of an Advent wreath made with real greens, and you can order an 18″ Advent Wreath Banff Pine for just $10.99.  You could probably save the candle ring to add new greens next year.
When you’re ordering your wreath, don’t forget to order appropriately sized candles!  Many of the stores that sell wreath carry candles as well, and I’ll also be posting in the next couple of days about where to order Advent candles.
I hope you find the perfect wreath among these options to adorn your table and provide a centerpiece for your family’s Advent celebration.  
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