Today is the feast day of this amazing saint, Ignatius of Loyola.  I have a sweet affection for him. He comes from the same part of Spain that my mother’s family is from, Basque.  His words have always moved me in so many ways. 

Here are few resources that I found useful to understand this giant of a Saint from a simple craft on the Examen prayer to coloring pages, to yummy foods to books! 

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St. Ignatius has given us a most needed tool in the Examen Prayer and sometimes teaching this to children isn’t easy.

Here is a very good resource to help teach this to children.  One can take this teaching into a craft as you can trace your child’s hand and have them write this in or color it as you explain the Examen Prayer!  This has been one of my goals is to teach our children the Examen Prayer so that they will practice it daily!

Coloring: Free

Saint Ignatius of Loyola coloring page


Paper Dali: Saint Ignatius of Loyola / San Ignacio de Loyola


We love to celebrate with food! These are a few recipes we grew up that are from the Basque country.

Basque Custard Cake Recipe - Lifestyle FOOD

Basque Custard Cake

Fear and Loathing and my first Tortilla Española in Spain: When I was 18, I spent a night passed out under a tractor trailer in Vitoria, Spain, the Basque capital.   I had spent the previous evening with 3 of my high school buddies, one of which hailed from Vitoria.  We had smoked cigars simultaneously with thousands

My father would make this all the time for my mother for lunch, Tortilla Espanola.


Books & More:

Ignatius Press is a great place to get some St. Ignatius resources and they have somewhat of a saving.   There are a few affiliate links to Amazon which some are on sale, read more about our policy about affiliates. 

The Golden Thread



My son loves this one!


Audio and Movie:

These are worth having! I just love having different ways to share the amazing stories of Saints!

Ignatius of Loyola


This book below I highly recommend it! I learn about it from Father Richard and it just a profound book that helps understand the Ignatian practice of the Examen Prayer writen by Father Gallagher!   I try to read Ignatius book on the Examen Prayer and I just had a hard time understand it! But ever since I learn about this book by Father Gallagher, it has open my understanding to the Examen Prayer.

Warning; It will change your world!

Here is a free Catholic wall art printable from Prints of Mercy, just click on print to download!