Hola, Hello!  Thank you for being here. I am Maria Cecilia, the new owner of Catholic Deals and I hope to serve you well!

A bit more about myself, I am Cuban-American born in Costa Rica, raised in South Florida (so yes, a Hispanic :).

I received my B.A. from Nova Southeastern University in Early Childhood Development and Education, found my sweetheart online at AveMariaSingleCatholic.com , moved up north to Delaware and started to have children a year after we were married. I knew I always wanted to homeschool my children, which we are now going on our 11th year using Mother of Divine Grace Classical Curriculum.

We now live in the heat of South Mississippi along with our children and an interesting corgi.

We have 10 children however, you will only see 5 on earth.  As being a pro-life Catholic, the call to be open to life comes with the great suffering of losing your sweet babies.  Yet, this is an earthly death and knowing that these sweet saints are living in the greatest beauty in Heaven helps our heart feel joy during sufferings.


Being a homeschool mom, I am always seeking out the best deals to use for our home and our education. You should see my summer book list hunt. It’s fun and trying at the same time.

I tend to have always been a person of many passions which sometimes filters out into the world with some success and sometimes no success. A few of my adventures have been owning an online business, Hair Bows 4 Life, going on our 9th year where we provide religious and pro-life bows as well do what we can to support the pro-life community.   I’ve had a few different theme blogs as well different Facebook pages to share my interests, such as one for the fitness of a Catholic mom (Catholic Fit Moms for Life ) as well my ardor in spreading the message of Mercy (Prints of Mercy is an Etsy shop as well) and now, Catholic Deals.

I never thought I would be here but the way God puts certain things in your path at certain times always seems to amaze me. When Elizabeth asked if anyone would be interested in taking over Catholic Deals, I asked her a few questions on it and I sat on the idea.  I took it to prayer and I truly asked God, what does He want from me at this time of my life.  You see after a few outsides sources such as the amazing book of Jennifer Fulwiler, One Beautiful Dream (which is on sale and I highly recommend it) and being in certain amazing  Facebook  group like Catholic Online,  I started to truly see my blue flames (it’s Jennifer’s way of saying one’s passion)  which is using social media’s power to spread goodness and truth in different aspect of my life.   I can do this along with my vocation of motherhood.  So with a great sense of peace and having the right tools and desires, I knew that Catholic Deals was meant to be my next adventure.

I tend to be a person that gets into many different pursuits. Some of them work out into greater things and others go into the grave of what never came to be.  But that is who I am and at 42 years old, I am not going to change but embrace it as God’s will for me to seek Him in everything!

So here I am, onto my next pursuit which is to spread the goodness and beauty of Family life with products.  I truly enjoy looking for deals (it’s in my blood, if you ever go to a Hispanic market, you will see people always looking for the best deal).  I try to help my husband in being a good steward of our goods, sometimes that means finding the best deals on books for our children’s education or clothes or even party supplies which I love to pass that along to my friends!

As a small business owner, I also see how hard it is to get one’s product or services to the world.  I truly believe that Catholic Deals can help small Catholic businesses spread their work through sponsorship and using the power of social media.   You will see me attempt to use this power in Facebook Lives, Instagram and so much more. I plan on sharing with you beautiful products and deals and you can see if they are a good fit for your home.  I promise you to do my best in these videos ( you might hear or see a strong-willed toddler with an exciting corgi.)

Therefore, my plan is to share more with you how we celebrate the feast days in the Church along with bringing you great deals daily (or at least a few times a week).

Thank you for staying along for the ride and let me know how I can serve you and your family. I ask that you keep us in your prayers!

To celebrate this change, we are having a Grand Reopening on August 15th with some amazing products! Stay tune!

Grand reopening of Catholic deals online with giveaway