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“Lord Jesus Christ, my Redeemer! Receive my soul, and through the merits of Thy Most Holy Passion, deign to admit it among those of Thy servants!”

– St. Ferdinand III of Castle



Our patron saint for our 11th year of homeschooling is St. Ferdinand III.  We head over to the Saint Name Generator.  I was tickled by our new saint who is the patron saint of engineers (my husband is an engineer), large families, parenthood and more. 

This year we will start on the feast of St. Monica, August 27th, which is perfect for me since I need all the help I can get! Sometimes it feels that this gets easier and than it doesn’t.

I want to share with you a “regular” day of our homeschooling life and what each of my students will be using.

But first I want to mention that I truly believe that homeschooling is a calling, a vocation that not all families fall under. Just as family sizes is between husband, wife, and God so is the education road for each family between husband, wife, and God. 

However, I feel passionate about it (like so many things, right!) that I want to share it with you and the resources we use. There are many resources here that can be used outside of homeschooling as well.  There will be extra affiliate links than usual due to the nature of this post. I want to mention that these links don’t affect your price on any items,  read more on our policy

On a side note here, when I got married, my husband wasn’t on board about homeschooling. The only thing he knew about homeschooling was that its illegal to do so in Mexico. 

 Someone had suggested these few books that change his mind on homeschooling; The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Fourth Edition) and Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum: A Guide to Catholic Home Education.   I highly recommend those two books along with this article The Lost Tools of Learning if you are interested in learning more about the Classical Education.



Let’s get started.  I  schedule our days into blocks. We start off with Morning Time Block set at an hour, School Block A set for three hours, Lunch Block set at an hour and School Block B set at 2 hours. 

During those blocks, the children also practice at least an hour of music (2 pianists and 2 violinists).

This year we are starting a new Classical co-op where I will be teaching pre-school on Tuesday. 

A few years ago, I read this book that introduces me to the concept of Morning Basket,  Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace, which has helped me organize and get to subjects that I just didn’t get to beforehand.

morning basket catholic deals online

The idea behind the morning basket is to have a  place filled with resources of subjects that I want to get to in a more relaxed style.  We will do together as a group (meaning 7th, 6th, 4th grader and throw in a 4 year and 2.5-year-old).  

During Morning Time, we say our family rosary, read the Gospel of the day, and a saint story from Lessons from the Lives of the Saints.  Then we go to the Baltimore Catechesis and work on the virtues (using this lovely program Disciple of Christ Virtue Program. )  We do these things daily. 

Now, we switch up things,  On Monday, we do Art appreciation using Seton’s Art for Young Catholics. These books are filled with such beautiful paintings.  We usually do one chapter in two weeks.  On Wednesday, we do Nature Study using  The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms (which I notice is 42%) along with Handbook of Natural Study.

On Thursday, we do Music appreciation and theory Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, Bk 1  and Meet the Composers series

Fridays, we either head to mass or do Morning Time (basket) with Art now using God & the History of Art Revised,  a program that has 250 lessons blend art history with hands-on instruction in drawing and painting.  It’s very well done and beautiful cards. There is also a DVD that goes with it and I just love how he teaches it.


Now for the meat of our curriculum, we use Mother of Divine Grace Classical Curriculum. I just can’t rave enough on this program and the support they have given our family for 11 years. Honestly, I don’t think I would have done high school if it wasn’t for their amazing support. 


Our family has been blessed by taking care of a little girl who just turned 4 years old, whom I will be homeschooling as well. MODG has a very gentle and sweet pre-school program that they developed two years ago. 

The program is filled with poetry, bible reading, simple math, handwriting, nature studies and social studies.  The only thing is that it is very hard to find these books used (sign up with for great deals on used books)or outside of MODG bookstore. Which makes sense since they are the creator of it.  This program should not take more than an hour a day at the most. 

Since I will also be teaching the pre-school at our Classical Co-op on Tuesday, I use MODG’s poetry, Catholic ABC’s co-op program and Making Music Praying Twice

My 4th grader will have a mixture of Memoria Press (another Classical Education curriculum provider), IEW (an amazing writing program) along with MODG. 

She will be using, All Things Fun & Fascinating: Writing Lessons in Structure & Style, Revised Edition, as for her writing subject (Co-op).  Science will be The World of Mammals (co-op). Latin will be First Form Latin Student Workbook. Her oldest sister will be teaching it as part of her National Honors Society tutoring.

We will continue to use the same spelling program, Writing Road to Reading 6th Rev Ed.: The Spalding Method for Teaching Speech, Spelling, Writing, and Reading until we finish the list.  Here is another example of how supportive MODG has been. The created a class for the parents to learn how to use this spelling/writing program.  It was a Godsend!

For History, MODG has the student reading from Columbas to George Washington, to First Pilgrims and so on. I love how they are reading classic novels as part of the history instead of just a boring History textbook.  We do use, Our Pioneers and Patriots as our main text.

For Math, we will use Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit, a 3rd Edition.

Over at Home all of the Saxons is 30% off until August 14.

Now, I have two kids who are 17 months apart which helps with homeschooling since I combine some of the classes with them. 

In Religion, I somewhat combine as in using the 2nd Baltimore Catechism (morning basket) but my 7th grade will be studying Acts and my 6th grader will be studying Luke. 

MODG has created their own Latin program which we really like since it goes into detail about grammar as well as pronunciation, Fundaments of Latin Grammar.

We will keep using Writing Road to Reading until we finish the list for spelling, Easy Grammar Plus Workbook and Wordly Wise (online – this site gives you great discounts on such programs) for English.   In poetry, we will focus on Henry V and a few other Shakespeare.

For Science, we will be working through book 2 & 3 of Concepts and Challenge and be using  The Book of Astronomy – Student Book (co-op).

Again, we use Saxon Math 7/6, 4th Edition, Tests and Work Sheets for math.

For History, in the 6th grader will be studying Ancient History and the 7th grader will be studying Greeks & Roman history. I am grateful for the book list that MODG provides. We will use the Old World and America as a baseline.

It is hard to imagine that I will have an 11th grader this year. Where does the time go? Again, I want to say that if it wasn’t for the support of MODG (such as online classes), I am not sure I would be homeschooling a high schooler. I am so grateful for all God has given us to provide such an education for our children.

For Math, she will be using Saxon Algebra 2, 3rd Edition, Solutions Manual.  Last year, was the only year where we didn’t use Saxon and used Jacobs Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding Textbook (3rd Edition). It seems that the way Jacobs Geometry is presented helps with SATs & ACT testing.

For Religion, she will be in a Bible Study class using, Introduction to the Bible Laux, Fr. John.

 So for science, my husband (the engineer) wants to make sure they get 5 years of sciences. So what MODG does is offer a Natural Science during the summer which will let her have the 5 sciences (Earth Sciences, Biology, Natural Science, Chemistry, and Physics).  This year is Chemistry which she will take both online class as well at the co-op. I lucky that my husband will be teaching the labs for Chemistry as he did for Biology.   We will use Discovering Design with Chemistry.

For Latin, she is on the third year of Henle and as well she will be teaching First Form to students at the co-op.

For History, she will be studying  Medieval European History & literature. I love how they use beautiful classical works along with other works to give them a full view of these time periods in history!  Here are few of the books that she will have to read; A History of Medieval Spain, The Cleaving of Christendom, Le Cid and The Liar and just so many more neat titles filled with truth and beauty!

Wow, I know this is a lot of information and links but I really wanted to give you a sense of what we are doing.

I spend most of my summer getting ready for the 1st semester by having all of their work set up in file folders. This is a lot of work but when school starts, it makes my life easier, especially Monday mornings.

Here is another place that can give you the support for homeschool as MODG did for me. 

Homeschool Connection, which is having a free webinar tomorrow!

Online Catholic Courses for Your Homeschool - Homeschool Connections


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Thank you for reading up on our homeschooling plans for 2018-19. 

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Have a blessed day!