Gifts by Beth.

Ten years ago,  Beth started to make cord rosaries. She even started up a rosary-making group at her church.  After creating thousands of these rosaries, she went to the next step and learn to create wire rosaries (where each loop is turned).  

After the encouragement from friends, she opened up her Etsy shop in 2017.  Besides beautiful delicate rosaries, she as well makes lovely jewelry from bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.  She uses several types of beads from carabao beads from the Philippines, lampwork beads from India, and Swarovski glass and glass pearl beads.

Blue Lamp Bracelet. 


I have the pleasure of taking a closer look at this beautiful AB Pro-Life rosary that comes with a carrying case.  She has been so gracious to donate this item for our upcoming giveaway!

This Pro-life Rosary is made with glass beads and silver-plated components. The beads have an AB coating which gives them a subtle shimmer. 

Praying with this rosary is just another beautiful way to pray for Life and all. I love how she color codes them with certain intentions. 

On the purple beads, one prays to increase the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity.   The aqua/white decade, aqua beads pray for the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and white beads pray for peace.

The red/white decade, red beads pray for the blood spilled with every abortion and white for mothers and fathers of aborted babies.  The black/white decade, black beads pray for the members of the medical profession who participate in abortions, and white beads pray for conversion, repentance, and courage to stand for life.

The red/white/blue decade, red beads pray for the reversal of anti-life laws, white beads pray for the protection and strengthening of pro-life laws, and blue beads pray for new and binding pro-life legislation.  The green/white decade, green beads pray for all those who work to defend life and white beads pray to draw all souls to Jesus.

So check out her lovely Etsy shop and our other sponsors.

Supporting small Catholic businesses is another way to spread goodness and beauty!