Catholic Deals is a blog to highlight good deals on products that may be of interest to Catholics.  While not every product will be specifically Catholic, I will not knowingly link to any product that appears to contradict the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  I also recognize that good Catholics can differ in matters of prudence, and I ask that readers use their own good judgment in choosing products.

I link to both Catholic and secular companies, and I do not make any guarantees about the companies themselves.  Again, please follow your conscience and use your own best judgment in regards to which companies you patronize.

While I am happy to share these good deals with other Catholics, I would also like to make money to help out my family.  I can earn income through the blog in two ways – through advertisements (like those on the sidebar) and through affiliate links.  This means that the links in some (but by no means all) deal posts are my affiliate links, and I will get a small commission if you make a purchase through those links.  A few of these links may place a “cookie” on your computer if you click them, which will give me credit for any purchases you make from that store for a specified number of days.  This is a common practice.

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I note at the top of each post that contains an affiliate link.  Whether it includes an affiliate link or not, I only post what I deem to be genuinely good deals that I think might be of interest to my readers.  I appreciate your support.